Feast of Pain is a horror point and click adventure divided in 2 chapters that was planned as a closed and simplified prequel for a larger game series that takes place in the same fictitious universe.


Mixing various horror sub genres and elements clearly influenced by Lovecraft, we follow the story of two brothers who flee from a dark cult that plans to use them to fulfill they impious purposes.


The game has a differentiated aesthetic, brutal in justified occasions, but trying not to be fully unpleasant. Nevertheless, it's definitely intended for mature audiences. A decadent Color palette immerses us in a world with clear distinctive traits, presenting its action moments as cinematics that emulate a graphic novel.



Breaking of the fourth wall

Above any other feature, the fact that the player not just incarnates the protagonists but he is a character inside the story, is one of the most important and distinctive traits of this game series.


Quick Time Puzzles  (QTP)

When we encounter a quick time puzzle, the basic interface will change to adapt to its needs. A pulsating effect on screen (like the ones used in shooters when you’re near death) will appear onscreen to give the player a sense of urgency.


Graphic Novel like cinematics

We’ll try to show action or important scenes through cinematics that emulate interactive graphic novels.


Chasing Scenes

The main objective of chasing scenes will be to create puzzles where hinder your pursuer is the main goal. Along with intense music and with the menace of an assured death, this will be a good way to rattle the player.


Hiding Spots

Sometimes, the characters will find themselves in complicated situations where flee or fight are not possible. In fact, the best way to end a “chasing Scene” is to find a hiding spot.